For over 60 years, the Episcopal and Presbyterian churches have partnered to provide quality health care service in the St. Louis region. Our work demonstrates how jointly pursuing our missions and ministries can create extraordinary change for our community.

The Episcopal Church began its health ministry in St. Louis over 150 years ago when it established an infirmary in downtown St. Louis. The church moved its medical service facilities to several locations throughout the city before officially adopting the name St. Luke’s Hospital and making a home at 5545 Delmar in 1904.

The hospital flourished at this location for eighty years, building on and adding services as needs changed. The Presbyterian Church joined with the Episcopalians in their support of the hospital in 1948, and together they raised
$4 million for expansion and improvements.

St. Louis’ population shifted west throughout the second half of the century, and St. Luke’s opened a second location in Chesterfield in 1974. Plans were made to use revenues generated by the new hospital to help support indigent care at St. Luke’s in the city. That outcome was not achieved, and the old St. Luke’s building was listed for sale in 1984.

The Episcopal-Presbyterian Charitable Health & Medical Trust was established in 1985 as part of a redesigned partnership between St. Luke’s Hospital, the Episcopal Diocese of Missouri, and the Presbytery of Giddings-Lovejoy. The trust had an initial investment of $8.5 million and a stated purpose of continuing the health care ministry to the underserved started so long ago.

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