EPHT Funding Guidelines

Overview: Priorities and Impact Area

In its grantmaking, EPHT is committed to centering access to health care by addressing barriers and providing person-centric medical services across the spectrum of care, from prevention to aftercare. EPHT accepts Letters of Interest (LOIs) for program/project funding or general operating support in alignment with three priority areas:

  • Access to Health Care
  • Mental and Behavioral Health
  • Chronic Disease

EPHT funding will target organizations and services that address barriers and result in positive impact for people living in or near a geographic area of 25 zip codes in St. Louis City, St Louis County, and the East Metro. Organizations seeking EPHT funding must explain their connection to the impact area.

To ensure that EPHT’s original commitment to the underserved is carried forward, Access to Health Care is a standalone priority and lens for EPHT’s grantmaking. Approaches described within Access to Health Care (below) are encouraged within proposals seeking funding under the Mental Health and Chronic Disease priority areas.

Priority Areas

Priority 1: Access to Health Care – Funded approaches that center access to health care include but are not limited to:

Models of Care that Address Barriers: EPHT may support affordable, community-based models of healthcare delivery that leverage trusted spaces, expand hours of care, or otherwise address barriers of location, transportation, trust, and cost. Funding could support co-location of health services with other agencies or resource hubs; school-based health centers; offering non-traditional hours of care; mobile delivery to or clinics in priority zipcodes and/or a community experiencing health disparities. Limited financial support may be available for direct transportation services. Virtual care models should address barriers (e.g. devices, network access, cost).

Navigation to and through continuum of care: EPHT may support strategic care team roles such as community health workers, case managers, and other healthcare navigators who provide the following services: Medicaid enrollment and utilization; Help identifying and using health and mental health resources; Scheduling & keeping appointments; Other care coordination, addressing individual barriers, & follow-up care. 

Responsive Workforce: Funding may be awarded to adequately support and/or expand a segment of the healthcare workforce where applicants demonstrate a link between healthcare workforce and improved access to health care services, especially for populations experiencing health disparities. Examples could include training for community health workers, or programs that increase representation of target population among providers and care team.

Innovative Programming: EPHT may consider expansions or changes to existing programs that will provide access to services for populations previously unable to receive care.

Priority 2: Mental and Behavioral Health – EPHT may fund the following, with priority for services that seek to reduce health disparities:

  • Services for youth with high incidence or risk of trauma
  • Prevention of and intervention for self-harm and suicidal ideation for youth and adolescents
  • Prevention of and intervention for substance use and overdose

Priority 3: Chronic DiseaseEPHT may fund services that support prevention and management of chronic disease, with priority for populations experiencing health disparities:

  • Services may include but are not limited to: screening and health education; outreach, enrollment, and resource information; care coordination/navigation; other medical services
  • Awards may include limited funding for healthy food programming

Special Projects EPHT funding may be used for timely, collaborative and/or innovative projects that move the needle forward on access to care in the region or otherwise address critical health needs. Please contact the St. Louis Community Foundation team at grants@stlgives.org to discuss your proposal.

Funding Request Parameters

The majority of EPHT awards will be one year grants, with a limited number of multi-year grants (up to 3 years). LOIs for one-year or multiyear funding may submit requests with an annual maximum of $25,000. Proposals that are most likely to receive multiyear funding will demonstrate:

  • activities with regional impact;
  • establishment of co-located services or formal collaborative partnerships; and/or
  • retaining or expanding strategic care team workforce.

If you are considering a multi-year request, consider reaching out to the St. Louis Community Foundation team at grants@stlgives.org for more information and to explore your request.  

Applying for Funding

EPHT grantmaking has changed from previous years:

Administrative services and grantmaking support for EPHT are provided by the St. Louis Community Foundation. For any questions concerning the Trust or for more information about the grant process, please contact our team at grants@stlgives.org.

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