Success Stories

Bilingual International Assistance Services

In 2019, EPHT funded trauma-based psychiatric services for survivors of war and state-sanctioned torture. In partnership with Dr. Mirela Marcu and the St. Louis University Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Neuroscience, Bilingual International Assistance Services provided program participants with case management, one-on-one and group therapy, and legal support.

Eye Thrive

EPHT funding enabled Eye Thrive to offer 11,846 vision screenings and dispense 4,730 pairs of prescription glasses to St. Louis Area students who would not otherwise have access to these services. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the organizaiton was able to shift their model to deliver glasses directly to kids in their homes.


In 2020 EPHT supported FamilyForward in providing long-term residential care for children with significant developmental disabilities and medical complications. The 54 children served through this programming are non-ambulatory and the majority have experienced trauma due to abuse and neglect, resulting in their disabilities and exacerbating their conditions.

Vivent Health

In 2020, EPHT supported service expansion at the new Vivent Health HIV Medical Home in St. Louis. These funds helped increase access to medical care, dental services, behavioral health services, and case management programming for individuals living with HIV/AIDS in our area.

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EPHT is no longer accepting applications for 2021. Deadlines for 2022 will be posted on this site before December 15, 2021.

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